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NOVEMBER 8-10, 2024

Watch Ignite Weekend Promo

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What is
Ignite Weekend?

Ignite Weekend is a life-changing retreat located in Conyers, GA. Where in one incredible weekend groups will experience exciting activities, build lasting relationships, & relevant Christian teaching as they are challenged to pursue a deeper relationship with Jesus and Ignite a passion for Him. 




NOVEMBER 8-10, 2024 

  • Before JULY 1, 2024

    • $160

  • Before SEPTEMBER 30, 2024

    • $190

  • BEFORE OCTOBER 21, 2024​​​​​​

    • $225


  • PRICE Includes: (Chaperones are FREE)

    • Lodging

    • Dinner Friday - Breakfast Sunday

    • 4 sessions with a special speaker & worship leader

    • 1 special event with a Christian Comedian

    • Group Games

    • Camp Activities

    • Lots of fun!



This event is only for groups that are bringing their own chaperones

If you are a group leader and you plan for each member of your group to sign up and pay individually please have them register with the link below.

If you are a group leader and you plan to scholarship one or more students or would like to reserve spots for several students at once, the procedure will be slightly different. Please contact for more details.  

Meet Our Speaker, Worship Leader,
& Special Guest

Jeff Spooneybarger.jpeg

Jeff Spooneybarger


Speaker. Musician. Missionary. Church Planter, Leadership coach. Evangelist. Business owner. Fire-fighter. Pastor. Podcaster. Chaplain.


It’s hard to put a label on Jeff Spooneybarger. He has worn all of these titles and currently still wears several of them. But Jeff doesn’t want to be known for what he does. Jeff is more concerned about who he is. More importantly, who and what he loves. His life goal is to live a life totally surrendered to bringing Glory to God. When asked what he does, he answers “I mobilize the people of God to do the mission of God for the Glory of God.”


Married for 30 years, Jeff and his high school sweetheart have 3 grown children and live in Gulf Breeze, Florida. So, whether he is hunting, scuba diving, fishing, riding motorcycles, doing mission work or preaching….It still all comes down to one simple question: What brings maximum Glory to God.


Peterson Jean-Marie

Worship Leader

Peterson Jean-Marie is a singer/songwriter based in the Tampa Bay area. His sound can be identified as the mixture of the contemporary stylings of House Fires and the soulful sounds of Anthony Evans. He continues to write with the hopes connecting with all demographics of people.


Born to Caribbean parents and raised in Florida, brought up in a Multicultural and multiethnic background, Peterson’s music would be considered a melting pot of styles due to his large influences. At the age of 14, he began to develop an interest in music starting with the saxophone during marching band. After joining the worship team in a local youth group, his love for music soared and was excited that he could use his love for music to express his love for God. From choirs to small ensembles, Peterson took every opportunity to get involved in any style of music to work on his craft and be the artist he is today. 


Peterson is currently working on his first worship project. He will be working with Nick Coetzee, owner and producer at the Rain Music Studio. Nick has worked with and produced for some of the biggest names in the industry, including Abraham Laboriel, Chester Thompson (Genesis, Phil Collins), Alex Acuna, Pedro Eustache (Yanni), Israel and Darlene Zschech.


Christian McCartney

Stand-up Comedian

Christian “Mister” McCartney is an animated, energetic, and entertaining comedian. His standup career began at age 19 in Baltimore (MD), and he now travels the country performing for people from all walks of life. His social media presence grows everyday with over 5 million followers on TikTok, 150k on Instagram and 130k on Facebook. Best known for his “talking some smack” video which went viral in 2021 and has been used by the NFL, NBA, as well as numerous celebrities! Recently, Christian has portrayed Levi in a TV series spin off from the Andy Griffith Show known as Mayberry Man. He was also a featured comedian at the 2023 Alive Music Festival. His first self-orchestrated tour “The Open Door Tour'' was a country wide success in 2023. 
Christian’s mission statement: Laughter is Good Medicine, But Jesus Christ is the only healer!

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