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Session: Service and Leadership Training (SaLT) (Registration includes an application to be completed by participant)
Ages: 15-16
Dates: June 2-15 June 16-29 July 7-20 Check Availability
Fee: (See Fee Schedule)
The SaLT program is a two-week program designed to challenge and equip teenagers interested in becoming effective leaders, positive role models, and lifetime disciples. Through daily Bible studies and intensive team-building activities, SaLT participants will connect with a group of peers unified in the pursuit of spiritual formation.  Through experiential learning, participants in the SaLT program will gain new insights and skills. Though not yet Summer Staff, SaLT team members will have the opportunity to engage all aspects of the summer camping programming, including daily activities, evening cabin programs, and regular work responsibilities. SaLT participants should be 15 years old, desire to work with young children, and be committed to a high standard of conduct and character. SaLT team members will receive training in:

  • Teaching Activity Skills
  • Effective Childcare
  • Team-Building Methods and Activities
  • Small-Group Leadership
  • Spiritual Disciplines and Character-Building Habits
  • Evangelism and Discipleship
  • Serving Others
  • Creating and Leading Bible Studies
  • Basic First Aid

To apply for SaLT, register and fill out the online application here, or download, complete and return by mail or fax the SaLT Application.


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