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Horse Club

Camp Westminster Horse Club is a unique opportunity to get more involved with our equine program by sponsoring a horse of your choosing here at Camp Westminster. Your sponsorship goes toward providing feed, hay, medical care, and equipment for our horses. There are many exciting rewards that you get to do and be a part of in Horse Club! We are happy to accept both monthly and one-time sponsorships. Rewards are cumulative (you will receive the reward for your tier level and the tiers below it). Thank you for considering being a part of the Camp Westminster Horse Club!

Up to $50

You receive an official Camp Westminster Horse Club sponsor certificate along with a picture and fact sheet of your horse. (Retail value $1)*


You will receive a horseshoe with their sponsored horse’s name on it + the previous reward tier. (Retail value $4)*


You will additionally receive a  Camp Westminster horse plushie + the previous reward tiers. (Retail value $19)*


You will receive a private riding lesson + the previous reward tiers. (Retail value $64)*


You will receive a private trail ride + the previous reward tiers. (Retail value $98)*


You will receive a horse themed birthday party hosted at Camp Westminster + the previous reward tiers.** (Retail value $250)*

*(Your sponsorship above the retail value of your goods and services is tax deductible)

**(Every additional $100 sponsored over $400 will receive a private lesson)

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