WestminHistoryCamp Westminster, a non-profit Christian camp, is the result of the vision of Dr. John R. Richardson. 
In 1953, answering God’s irresistible call to establish a Christian camp, Dr.
Richardson, with the help of friends around the country, secured the deed
 for 114 acres of heavily wooded land in Rockdale County near Conyers,
Georgia. At that time, Dr. Richardson served as Senior Pastor of Westminster Presbyterian Church (P.C.A.) in Atlanta, GA.  Throughout the years, its members have 
worked devotedly and prayed continuously to support and build Camp 
into what it is today.  After a lifetime of ministry, Dr. Richardson went to be with the Lord 
in November 1992 at the age of 91.

Camp Westminster bears witness to an outpouring of God’s richest blessings
 on this ministry to young people during its years of service to Him. Many
 young people have come to know Him as their personal Lord and Savior and 
many more have dedicated their lives to full-time Christian service. Camp
 Westminster’s leaders acknowledge that anything good that comes at camp
 is a result of an outpouring of God’s grace and mercy.

The future of Camp Westminster is as bright as the promises of God. We
 earnestly desire the prayer, support and partnership of Christian men and women to 
enlarge His work and make it more effective in promoting the greater glory 
of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is an exciting time to be involved with Camp as the 
board, staff, alumni and supporters have a tremendous amount of enthusiasm for its 
continual development.

It is our daily prayer that all who pass through the gates of Camp
 Westminster will know more of God and be conformed to his character. It is
 our earnest desire to point all to the saving, powerful, eternal sacrifice of our 
Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!