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Group Retreats and Events

From youth group trips, to men’s and women’s retreats, family reunions, company outings and more, Camp Westminster has the ability to host an amazing overnight or day event for your group! 

Come and enjoy being together and let us take care of the rest–we offer meal service (minimum 30 people), and our overnight lodging and meeting spaces can accommodate up to 330 people at a time. We also have a self-serve, industrial kitchen available for use with the rental of Nixon Lodge if you prefer to prepare your own meals. 

Take part in exciting activities such as horseback riding, paintball, and our climbing wall and ropes course, or simply enjoy some time to relax. Whether you are looking for a fun, adventure-filled weekend or a peaceful retreat from busy day-to-day life, Camp Westminster can provide a fantastic experience for you and your group!

To begin the reservation process or for any questions about group events, please contact our office at (770) 483-2225.

All lodging rentals include a meeting space appropriate for the size of your group.

Overnight groups receive a 10% discount on all activities.

See below for more information about our lodging and meeting spaces, activities, and food service.

Nixon Lodge2019-03-07T19:33:19+00:00

Nixon Lodge is our bunkhouse style lodging and sleeps 64 people. There are two wings, each with two rooms, sleeping 18 and 14 people. Each bunk room also has its own bathroom. The wings are connected by a great room, which can be used as a meeting space or for meals. Nixon Lodge also has an industrial kitchen available for preparing your own meals.

Minimum $960 per night. If attendance is between 32-45, $30 per person per night. If attendance is 46 or more, $25 per person per night. Additional $5 per person if group chooses to prepare their own food.

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Swann Dorm2019-03-07T19:37:12+00:00

Swann Dorm is our hotel style lodging and sleeps 56 people. There are 14 rooms, each with a queen bed, two twin beds, and a private bathroom. Swann Dorm also offers a common living area for small group meetings and a kitchen. There is a 5 room minimum for renting Swann Dorm.

Minimum $405 per night. If attendance is between 15-21, $27 per person per night. If attendance is above 21, $25 per person per night.

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Cabin Area2019-03-07T19:42:14+00:00

We have two cabin areas available for use. One has 8 cabins with 13 twin beds in each, for a total capacity of 104. This cabin area has a bathhouse that is split for co-ed groups. Our second cabin area has 9 cabins, also with 13 twin beds each, for a total capacity of 117. The bathhouse in this cabin area is not split for co-ed groups. Both the cabins and the bathhouses are climate-controlled.

There is a 3 cabin rental minimum.

Minimum $860 night. If attendance is 40 or more, $20 per person per night.

Take a Virtual Tour of the Cabin Area and the adjacent Bonfire Area

Dining Hall2019-03-07T19:44:06+00:00

Our dining hall is available to rent as a meeting space. This does not include use of the kitchen. We are also able to partition certain areas of the dining hall to allow for a more intimate meeting space.

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The Tabernacle is an open-air meeting space with capacity for 300+ people. This is an excellent space for larger group meetings, worship services, and game times. The Tabernacle also has a stage for speakers, music, and performances.

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Administrative Meeting Room2019-03-07T19:44:51+00:00

Our administrative meeting room is the perfect space for smaller groups to meeting together. This room can comfortably accommodate 35-50 people.

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Winchester Building2019-03-07T19:43:46+00:00

The Winchester Building is a great meeting space for groups of 50-75 people. The space can be transformed into a traditional meeting space, used for events with meals, worship times, and much more. The Winchester Building is located adjacent to our cabin area, which makes it an ideal meeting space for groups staying in the cabins.

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Horseback Riding2019-03-15T17:33:13+00:00

We offer both ring riding and trail rides for our groups. Our ring riding activity includes a lesson on horseback and generally lasts about an hour. Our guided trail rides are for participants 10 years and older and begin with instructions on how to direct and lead your horse. Then, our trail guide will take you through the wooded trails of the Camp Westminster property on horseback. A typical trail ride last between 1-1.5 hours. We can accommodate up 8 riders for each trail ride.

Ring Riding: $30 per person, $200 minimum
Trail Ride: $35 per person, $240 minimum


Our paintball activity is for participants 10 years and older who are ready to leave everything they have on the field! Each participant starts with 500 paintballs included. More paint can be purchased for $7 per 250 paintballs. Each session last approximately 1-1.5 hours. We can accommodate up to 20 people per game.

$30 per person, $300 minimum

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Arrow Tag2019-02-04T18:38:08+00:00

We like to say that Arrow Tag is what you get when you mix paintball with archery. Participants wear masks similar to paintball masks and work as teams to shoot arrows with large, rubber tips at their opponents to get them out and win the round. Our arrow tag facilitators explain and guide participants through various styles of gameplay for an awesome experience all around. We can accommodate 16 players in each game.

$100 per hour, $150 minimum

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Rock Climbing Tower, High Ropes Course, and Zip Line2019-02-21T15:23:45+00:00

Our rock climbing tower and high ropes challenge course is one of the most popular spots at Camp Westminster. Our 4-sided climbing tower presents just the right challenge for every level of climber, and our high ropes course (for ages 10 years and up) is a fantastic way to push yourself to the next level, whether you’re overcoming your fears or live for big thrills! Finish the tower or high ropes course with a victorious zip line ride back to the ground. There’s something for everyone at ropes!

Rock Climbing Tower and Zip Line ONLY: $360 for first 2 hours; $165 each additional hour. We can accommodate 15-20 climbers per hour.

High Ropes Course and Zip Line ONLY: $440 for first 2 hours; $210 each additional hour. We can accommodate 10-15 climbers per hour.

Rock Climbing Tower, High Ropes Course and Zip Line: $660 for first 2 hours; $275 each additional hour. We can accommodate 20-25 people per hour.

Take a Virtual Tour of our Climbing Tower and Challenge Course

Low Ropes Course – Team Building2019-02-02T17:07:00+00:00

Looking for a fun way to bring your group closer together and work as a team? Our low ropes course is the perfect activity to do just that. Our low ropes course is designed to facilitate team bonding and a spirit of camaraderie and perseverance. Our facilitators cater each low ropes activity to the participants’ age and level of ability. We can also incorporate specific topics that correspond to your event or retreat theme into our debrief times after each low ropes element, or your own group leaders may lead the debrief discussion. Our low ropes course is best in groups of 8-12 participants.

$15 per person per hour, $150 minimum


Our swimming pool can accommodate 200 swimmers at a time and is a fun way to cool off after a busy day at camp!

$55 per hour, per lifeguard. We require 1 lifeguard per 25 swimmers.

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Canoeing and Kayaking2019-02-02T16:55:59+00:00

We offer canoeing and kayaking on our lake as a fun, relaxing activity for groups. We have 7 canoes and 4 kayaks, which are self-serve. We also provide life vests for all participants. Canoes and kayaks cannot be used at the same time as the wakeboarding system.

Canoeing/Kayaking, self-serve: $75

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Ready for extreme fun on the lakefront? Our wakeboarding activity has it covered. We use a cable wakeboarding system on our lake that allows 7-10 people to wakeboard per hour. We provide all necessary equipment (life vest, helmet, board) and our facilitators fit each participant for the correct board size. Wakeboarding is available for participants 10 years and older. Canoes and kayaks may not be used at the same time as the wakeboarding system.

$110 per hour

Take a Virtual Tour of our Wakeboarding Activity

Sports Field2019-02-02T16:55:33+00:00

We have a sports field, pavilion, and sand volleyball court which are available for use by retreat groups for games and activities. We do not facilitate activities or provide equipment for these areas, but can reserve them for certain times during your stay for your own activity programming.

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Food Service2019-03-07T20:15:38+00:00

We offer food service in our dining hall for a minimum of 30 people. We also cater to participants’ food allergies and dietary restrictions.

Breakfast: $8 per person
Lunch: $6 per person
Dinner: $8 per person