Frequently Asked Questions

Lodging and Meeting Spaces

When are your facilities available to rent?

Our facilities are open for rentals year-round.

What does it cost to rent your facilities?

All of our lodging costs $30 or less per person per night. Food service and activities are additional costs for groups who choose to use them. More detailed pricing can be found in our Retreat Pricing Information.

Are there meeting spaces available for my group?

We offer one complimentary meeting space for each lodging rental that is large enough to accommodate the size of your group. Extra meeting spaces may be available for an additional charge, but the availability of extra meeting spaces will be determined by the needs of other groups on the property.


Food Service

Is there a sample menu we can choose meals from?

Currently we do not allow rental groups to dictate the menu for their retreat, however, we do have a sample menu for you to have an idea of what to expect at each meal.

Does Camp Westminster’s food service accommodate special diets and allergies?

Yes! In most cases and with proper notice, we will accommodate special diets and allergies.


Whom should I contact to have a tour of Camp Westminster?

For retreat tours please contact Billy Eutsey at or call (470) 203-9480.

How do I reserve a date for my retreat?

Please fill out our online contact form or reach out to Billy Eutsey and include the following information: -Your organization’s name and your contact information -The prospective dates of your retreat -The estimated number of participants (including chaperones for youth groups) -Your preferred lodging area -Which meals (if any) you would like provided -Which activities (if any) you would like provided Please note that in order to finalize any reservation, a 40% deposit and a signed contract/rental agreement will need to be submitted within 2 weeks of receiving a contract from our team.

What will our group need to bring on our retreat?

If your group is spending the night, participants will need to provide their own linens, pillows, towels and toiletries. If your group is participating in activities, participants will need to bring appropriate clothing (Jeans for horses, swimsuit for water activities, etc.). Camp Westminster will provide all safety gear. If your group plans to prepare your own food, prepare to bring essential cooking utensils and dishes. Our guest kitchens have basic utensils and pots/pans, but to be sure you have everything you need, please prepare to bring it with you.