Session: Trail Blazer (replaces Challenge & Horsemanship Sessions)

Ages: 10-13
Dates: June 7-13
July 12-18
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Fee: See Fee Schedule
A variety of activity options designed for middle school campers. Campers choose one of the following:
Horsemanship. 2-hour Horsemanship Class offers accredited equestrian training, both in the saddle and on the ground.  Campers who choose this option are not able to participate in the ropes course.
Challenge. 2-hour Challenge Class offers advanced training in high and low ropes elements and plenty of practice climbing our 50-foot tower.  Campers choosing this option are not able to participate in riding classes.
Horsemanship/Challenge Combo. In this 2-hour combination class, campers do 1 hour each of the Horsemanship and Challenge classes. Campers who choose this option are guaranteed both riding and ropes classes.
Classic Schedule. Campers who choose this option will sign up for 5 1-hour periods, which may or may not include riding class or ropes.

Campers select from a 2-hour block of both horses AND challenge course, or  the classic option of five one-hour activity periods chosen by the camper on registration day.  In addition, campers are able to select either 2-hour horses or 2-hour challenge course.